We are LABTAM.

We believe that Adverse Drug Effects are one of the most preventable causes of hospitalization and mortality, but we have a solution that can make a profound difference: Personalized Precision Medicine.

Who is LABTAM?

Our Mission

LABTAM is a leading provider of pharmacogenetic testing kits around the globe, and a trusted partner to the foremost medical experts in the field. We enable healthcare professionals with the most innovative tools and support available, assisting them in providing their patients with an elevated level of medical care and the best possible outcomes.

LABTAM aims to increase the level of care provided to patients and minimize the adverse drug effects that plague the healthcare industry, by matching patients with the right drug at the right dose, the first time: Personalized Precision Medicine for all.

About Our Labs

LABTAM’s Push for Progress

To accomplish our mission of personalized precision medicine for all, we must be constantly expanding and improving the service we offer to patients. The healthcare technology resources available to people to manage and maintain their health changes rapidly, and LABTAM is at the forefront driving that change and ushering in a brighter future.

Country-Specific Generics

Catering to country-specific generics, as simple as sending samples to LABTAM labs.

Mainstream to Generic

We know people take both brand name and generic drugs so we test across the spectrum.

500+ Medications and Counting

Testing the most complete list of drugs – over 500 medications to date.

Continuously Expanding

Continuous expansion of drug database, dozens of new medications per quarter.

What does your Personalized Precision Medicine look like?

We take a holistic approach to providing the most comprehensive information to patients based on the most crucial factors and backed by the best science .


“Personalized Precision Medicine,” involves applying genetic and pharmacogenetic testing in the clinical setting.


Assures there are no negative drug-to-drug interactions and side effects.


Genetic factors can account for up to 95% of drug-response in each individual.


Pharmacogenetic guidance has continually documented enhanced clinical outcomes and significant reductions in the cost of care.


Utilization of these revolutionary diagnostic tests enables healthcare providers to prescribe the right drug, at the right dose, the first time.

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