LABTAM Global, LLC. announces that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sela Medical for commercialization of the LABTAM Pharmacogenetic Test in Israel. The intended use of the LABTAM Pharmacogenetic Test is to identify which prescription medications are the safest and most effective for a patient based on their genetic makeup. 

Pharmacogenetic tests analyze how an individual’s DNA may affect their response to medications. The results of the test can help doctors prescribe patients a more genetically optimal medication and avoid medications that may cause adverse drug reactions, negative side effects, or be less likely to work.

The Labtam Pharmacogenetic Test has been used to successfully treat over 1000 patients in Europe and Latin America and is expected to be officially launched in the Middle East and the US later this year.

LABTAM’s Director of Sales, Martin Levinton, stated, “We are very excited to enter into this agreement with Sela Medical, as they are an experienced company and well-established distributor with a solid footprint in the medical field in Israel’s highly innovative market. We look forward to a long-lasting commercial relationship.



LABTAM is a leading provider of pharmacogenetic testing kits and a trusted partner to the foremost medical experts in the field. 

LABTAM’s Pharmacogenetic Test examines patient-specific genes and genetic markers that can identify treatments that are more likely to work as intended, not have an effect, or cause a negative effect. The test is a quickly administered cheek swab test that evaluates key genes, chosen based on hundreds of studies that show variations in these genes can help inform treatment choices in a wide range of medical pathologies. 


About Sela Medical

Sela Medical Ltd. was founded in 2001 with the intention of implementing all the obtained knowledge and professionalism of its team. Sela Medical is a solid and well-established distributor within the Israeli market. Among their customers are all the Israeli hospitals, private clinics, the ministry of health, the ministry of defense, and the Israeli Defense Forces.